• Tactical grade GPS/INS integrated navigation, with Ring-Laser Gyroscopes (RLG)
  • The GA6370 is a GPS/INS integrated navigation system. It uses high performance RLG and a GPS receiver. The GA6370 provides high accuracy real time position, speed and attitude information. The GA6370 can be used in aerospace, land or sea navigation. The GA6370 uses a high order Kalman filter to provide optimum navigation information. It applies various navigation modes that handle the different conditions that may occur during operation.
Roll, Pitch error: < 0.1˚(1σ)
Heading error: < 1˚(1σ)
  • Tactical grade GPS/INS integrated navigation system, with MEMS sensors
  • The GA6350 is a GPS/INS integrated navigation system. Because it uses MEMS inertial sensors, this device is small, light, and consumes low power. The GA6350 provides real time navigation information containing highly precise position, speed and attitude. The GA6350 internally uses an adaptive Kalman filter designed to respond to varying conditions caused by environmental changes during the system operation
Roll, Pitch error: < 0.3˚(1σ)
Heading error: < 1˚(1σ)
  • Control grade GPS/INS integrated navigation system
  • The GA3390 is a small GPS/INS integrated navigation system. The GA3390 contains MEMS inertial sensors, optionally, it can add magnetometers and/or pressure sensors to measure the azimuth and altitude respectively. The GA3390 internally uses a Kalman filter and temperature compensation technology to provide accurate position, speed and attitude information. The GA3390 is commonly used in small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and automobile navigation.
Roll, Pitch error: < 0.5˚(1σ)
Heading error: < 1˚(1σ)
  • Six-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS)
  • The XA3300 is a small attitude heading reference system. It includes a full IMU as well as a three-axis magnetometer. The XA3300 uses an adaptive filter to provide stabilized attitude information under any dynamic operational conditions. The outputs are internally compensated for temperature changes, resulting in very low errors caused by bias drift. The XA3300 includes a monitoring program that allows testing the different sensor settings and operational modes. The XA3300 can be used in robot and motion sensing applications. The XA3300 has USB communication interfaces.
    The XA3300 can be used in small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) applications
Roll, Pitch: static error < 0.5 ˚
dynamic error < 2 ˚
Heading error: < 1 ˚
Digital output USB