• Six-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS)
  • The XA3300 is a small attitude heading reference system. It includes a full IMU as well as a three-axis magnetometer. The XA3300 uses an adaptive filter to provide stabilized attitude information under any dynamic operational conditions. The outputs are internally compensated for temperature changes, resulting in very low errors caused by bias drift. The XA3300 includes a monitoring program that allows testing the different sensor settings and operational modes. The XA3300 has USB and RS-232 communication interfaces. The XA3300 can be used in robot and motion sensing applications as well as in small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications.
Roll, Pitch: static error < 0.5 ˚
dynamic error < 2 ˚
Heading error: < 1 ˚
Digital output (USB)
  • Three-dimensional motion sensing device
  • The MS23G10 is a motion capture and input device used for digital entertainment applications. It is highly compact, light, and fully self-contained. It encloses two gyroscopes and a 3-axis accelerometer. The embedded adaptive reduced filter algorithm compensates for the sensor errors.
    The MS23G10 estimates projected X and Y displacements, roll angle, and force intensity. The MS23G10 can be used in air-mouse devices and motion-based remote controllers.
Projected X, Y: -128~127 (HID std.)
Roll angle: ±180˚
Force intensity: ±4g
Rotation intensity: ±600deg/sec