mems service
  • MEMS Foundry
  • We possess MEMS foundry equipment ranging from photo lithography aligner to packaging equipment. This gives us the capability to obtain high level quality control. Especially we own DRIE equipment for Si dry etch processing, which is used in the development of high-end MEMS gyroscope, accelerometer, and pressure sensors. We specialize particularly on deposition and drying etching of Oxide mask (TEOS; SiO2) that is used in high aspect ratio silicon etch manufacturing. We provide high quality foundry services based on over ten years of experience with self-developed manufacturing techniques.
Wafer process Dry etching DRIE, SiO2,AL, Ashing
Deposition TEOS SiO2,Thermal evaporation
Thermal oxidation, PECVD SiO2
Photolithography x1 Aligner
Bonding Anodic
Packaging Interconnection Wire ball bonding
Vacuum packaging Wafer level anodic bonding
Inspection Geometry Microscope
Profile SEM, Laser profiler, Alpha-step, Nanospec
Equipment Manufacturer Specifications
DRIE ADIXEN Aspect ratio: over 30
P-5000 Applied materials TEOS SiO2 deposition, SiO2 etching
Evaporator Korea vacuum tech Au, Al, Ti Cr
Bonder SUSS microtec Vacuum, Anodic, Eutectic, Adhesive
Aligner SUSS microtec 6"
Asher TEPLA Microwave type, Batch and specimen
Flip-chip bonder TRESKY 2mm x 2.5mm ~ 10mm x 12mm
Wire bonder Kulicke & soffa Manual ball bonder
Dicing saw Disco Si, Glass, Quartz, Sapphire, SiC etc
Alpha-step KLA-tencor Stylus type
Nanospec Nanometrics Range: 25~750,000Å
SEM TESCAN Resolution: 3.5nm x 4 ~ x 100000
Laser profiler Keyence Non-contact type
Microscope Nikon x5, x10, x20, x50