car application
Dead reckoning/GPS for all condition locallization
Accurate and continuous position information is required in order to provide information for navigation, telematics and black box systems in automobiles. GPS (Global Positioning System) is commonly used for these tasks, however, the GPS resolution is not enough for certain applications, and fails to provide a positioning fix in places where GPS signal is not visible such as in tunnels, underneath overpasses or in urban canyons. The GA1050 integrates the information from a GPS receiver, the car odometer and a gyroscope to provide accurate position information when the GPS signal is weak or not existent. For example, with the GA1050 it is possible to receive accurate position information in underground parking lots for extended periods of time without any GPS signal.

The MGM1500 can be used in application such as tachography, where position and sudden changes of velocity need to be recorded. This device integrates GPS and accelerometer information.

The GA3390, GA6350, GA6370 can be used when accurate position information is required on rough terrain such as unpaved road.
car application
Products applied
  • mgm1500
  • MGM1500
    Measuring device for automobile position and acceleration
  • ga6350
  • GA6350
    Tactical grade GPS/INS integrated navigation system, with MEMS sensors
  • ga1050
  • GA1050
    DR/GPS for measuring automobile position, speed and heading
  • ga6370
  • GA6370
    Tactical grade GPS/INS integrated navigation, with Ring-Laser Gyroscopes (RLG)
  • GA3390
  • GA3390
    Control grade GPS/INS integrated navigation system
  • ga6370
  • GA6100
    3D-DR/GPS signal processing module that gives continuousli precise 3D navigation infomation GPS, GLONASS, and SBAS etc.